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In this series, self-help guru Iyanla Vanzant tries to apply her experience with fixing her own life to suggest solutions to the problems in other people's lives. Although she's a lawyer by training, Iyanla dives into both psychology and spirituality in her search for answers.

Saturday 10:00 PM et/pt on OWN
9 Seasons, 102 Episodes
September 15, 2012
Cast: Iyanla Vanzant
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Iyanla, Fix My Life Full Episode Guide

  • When he was just 6-years-old, Shane's father, Bo, killed his mother in a drunken rage. Nearly 30 years later, Bo is out of prison and searching for a bond with his only son. Iyanla digs deep to help Shane find forgiveness and the courage to move on.

  • A mother and daughter's mirroring childhood traumas have resulted in crippling self-hatred. Together, these two women work to shatter the silent shame of their pasts and face their traumas head-on in order to walk their healing path.

  • After 25 years of estrangement between three sisters, the lie detector results are in! Will the test confirm that their father molested them, or prove that their mother lied about it? Deceptions continue to mount as Iyanla delves into this family's curse.

  • Evonne raised her three daughters to believe that their father molested them when they were toddlers a claim he vehemently denies. When a lie detector test exposes the rot gut truth, will it set them free or destroy this family forever?

  • Reality stars Althea ("Love & Hip Hop"), Dutchess ("Black Ink Crew") and Minyon ("Bridezillas") hide behind their TV personas; while these women were left feeling lost, Iyanla intervenes to help them reclaim their identities.

  • Iyanla tells singer-songwriter Monifah that she was out of order as a mother at the height of her fame; and the R&B star struggles to repair her fractured relationship with her daughter before their pattern gets passed to her grandsons.

  • Iyanla works with a woman who was abused by her grandfather at 6 years old and forced by her mother to cover it up. A dark path formed by lies, threats and blackmail is revealed

  • Iyanla works with Malorie and Cynthia Bailey from "Real Housewives of Atlanta." Since the moment her husband walked out, Malorie's life has unraveled into a full-blown self-identity crisis

  • A look at what happens when Matilda is forced to face charges in the Court of Life. Admitting she thought she was going to get away with everything, both her prison daughters and biological daughters take the stand to testify, and Judge Iyanla delivers her verdict.

  • Former NBA star Jason Maxiell has cheated on his wife Brandi for their entire 17-year relationship. Iyanla sits them down to determine if they should rebuild their toxic relationship, or if the clock has run out on their marriage.

  • Charrisse Jackson-Jordan ("Real Housewives of Potomac") and Veronika Obeng ("Second Wives Club") step into Iyanla's realm of reality for help healing from their public divorces.

  • A woman who shut down emotionally after learning in the same week that her son had been molesting her youngest daughter, and that he was dying, is counseled.

  • Iyanla works with an oblivious Nakeda, who has six children by five different men, and her mother Illysha is raising five of them. When a childhood trauma is revealed, however, Iyanla lays Nakeda's reckless behavior at her equally oblivious mother's feet.

  • Former reality stars Neffe and her husband Shelby (aka "Soullow") return to Iyanla for a second attempt to heal their broken marriage, but an explosive argument between the two pushes Miss Iyanla to walk out on her guests for the first time ever.

  • Philando Castile was killed by a police officer during a routine traffic stop while his fiancée Diamond Reynolds live-streamed the aftermath. With the help of Trayvon Martin's mother, Iyanla works with Diamond to heal her pain and move into the light.

  • Two sex workers are forced to fight for their lives as Iyanla struggles to get them past their addiction to the street. One woman is finding it especially difficult to let go of control, threatening to return to work on the first night at the safe house.

  • Hazel-E was fired over a racist rant on social media. Iyanla forces Hazel-E to confront the childhood trauma that helped create her current image, in hopes that she can move past the rage and use her voice as a pow

  • Jackie wants a relationship with her firstborn daughter who was raised by her mom. When Jackie's sister claims she is in it for the fame, Jackie flies off into a fit of rage, while Iyanla fights to keep the family together.

  • Trina Braxton and her husband Gabe are divorced, yet their lives are still entwined. Trina claims she wants help navigating her ex-husband's relationship with her son, Gabe's stepson, but as they begin their work, disturbing family pathologies emerge.

  • In the conclusion of a 3-part event, Iyanla asks the Mitchell family's unrepentant mother, Leronda, to own her role in abandoning all 8 children due to her crack addiction, and the brothers get ready to re-enter the world as new men.

  • Iyanla asks the Mitchell family's unrepentant mother, Leronda, to own her role in abandoning all eight children due to her crack addiction. The brothers get ready to re-enter the world as new men.

  • Iyanla sits down with five brothers to uncover decades of pain among the siblings.

  • Iyanla works with Mickey "Memphitz" Wright, a former top hip-hop executive who lost it all and turned to drugs to numb his pain. However, Mickey's pain is tied to something much deeper than a fallen career: his father's murder at the hands of the KKK.

  • Iyanla works with Kamiyah Mobley, a 19 year old who was kidnapped at birth and raised by her kidnapper. Today, with her abductor in jail, Kamiyah is left without a true identity or a mother to call her own.

  • Years after their release, four convicted murderers are still unable to find solace outside of prison. Iyanla breaks each of these men down to their foundations to find the root cause of their crimes, the unhealed wounds that stop them from living.

  • Iyanla helps three couples whose marriages are in critical condition: Dwight faces a painful reality with Marcia, La'Gena works to understand the root of Cornelius' infidelity, and Lamar shocks the group as he continues to insult Vakhara.

  • Iyanla works with three couples whose marriages are on the brink of collapse; she dives head first into their infidelities, baggage and breakdowns in order to find a fix for each of the couples, even if that means ending in divorce.

  • Conclusion. Iyanla works with five men who were victims of childhood sexual abuse.

  • Part 1 of 2. Iyanla works with five men who were victims of childhood sexual abuse.

  • Turk, of Hot Boys fame, and his wife Erica are struggling to save their marriage from Turk's deep-seeded paranoia. Iyanla uncovers the layers of trauma in both of their lives that have prevented them from moving past Turk's shootout with police.