Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction is a one hour show that airs on Monday nights on TV One. The show is about a dangerous romance which results in death. Each episode there's a couple who meets and fall in love. Somehow there's friction in the relationship and results in violence. The family and the officers are interviewed and they tell their side of the story from what they know. There's a reenactment in each episode which shows the tragic event of the person's demise. The show is in its third season and is still going strong. Fatal Attraction has new episodes on Monday nights on TV One.

Mondays 10:00 PM et/pt on TV one
7 Seasons, 150 Episodes
June 3, 2013
Crime, Drama, Reality
Cast: Malikha Mallette
Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction Full Episode Guide

  • When a retired Chicago steelworker is gunned down outside his home, police suspect he was targeted by a street gang in retaliation for reporting crimes in the neighborhood. But when the victim’s daughter follows her own suspicions, she finds a tangled web of deceit with a conspiracy that could ensnare the people closest to her.

  • The disappearance of a young mother and her three-year-old son turns a small southern town upside-down. Family members are quick to suspect foul play has befallen this devoted mother of two, and as night falls with no sign of their return, the community bands together in the search effort. Will rescuers be able to reach them in time or will it be too late?

  • When a married couple is gunned down in their car just yards from their home, police suspect it may be a crime of passion. But at the heart of this mystery lies an unimaginable conspiracy, fueled by a far more complicated and sinister motive.

  • Theresa Williams was a mother of four who dedicated her life to giving love to those who needed it most. But when her sister feels in her heart something is terribly wrong, she arrives at Theresa’s home to find her two youngest children wandering around outside and Theresa brutally murdered behind locked doors.

  • A masked gunman surprises a woman and her lover in bed. After a burst of gunfire leaves the lover dead, the woman says she can ID the disguised gunman. Detectives hope phone records can prove her right.

  • When a young mother is taken too soon, all the evidence seems to point to an obvious suspect. But is this case really what it seems? Just when detectives think they have this case closed, new information will send them scrambling, and will leave everyone fearing this mystery may never be solved.

  • Alice Sin was a beautiful young mother dedicated to her child and her man, so when she vanishes without a trace from the small town of Pinole, California just days before her son's first birthday, her friends and family are desperate to figure what could have happened. But answers won't come quick

  • Cherished by all, Ida and Jana Randolph were a mother and daughter duo dedicated to lending a helping hand. But when they are found brutally murdered inside their apartment, police must dig into their personal lives to figure out who could have betrayed these beloved members of their tight knit Bronx community.

  • Arrijana Hill,16, is stabbed to death in her home in a gated community; as police dig deeper, they uncover a tangled web of teenage drama and deadly ambition.

  • Ericka Bradley was a young mother with an infant son and a bright future ahead of her. When Ericka suddenly disappears without a trace, police have to piece together what happened. As they do, they uncover lies, betrayals, and a shocking end for the hometown girl that everyone loved.

  • When a Ka’Loni Flynn ends up dead on a rural road, investigators wonder if she’s the victim of a car jacking gone wrong, or something far more sinister. But whoever committed this horrific crime left no evidence behind, making it look like the perfect crime.

  • For lovers Michael Days and Pamela Lawson, the future was full of promise…that is, until Michael is murdered right in front of Pamela in their own home. As police work to track down Michael’s killer, they stumble upon a world of deadly secrets and betrayals.

  • A beautiful young woman is found dead amidst ashes in her Sacramento, CA apartment. A quest for the truth opens up a Pandora’s box of secrets and multiple motives for murder. But to solve the case, investigators must expose a love based entirely on lies.

  • When Asia Harris is brutally gunned down in her vehicle one night, family and friends are left rattled--what had happened on that dark, secluded road? But as police race to find Asia's killer, they discover that the young mother had some secrets of her own.

  • When wife and grandmother Marilyn Brinson disappears in Kansas City, MO, a family is thrown into turmoil. A horrifying discovery leaves investigators fearing the worst, but conflicting stories lead them to worry this case will never be solved.

  • High school sweethearts see their fairytale life unravel.

  • After two kidney transplants, Jonathan Harris had a new lease on life. Now living on his own with a beautiful girlfriend, Jonathan thought he had it all. So why was this man with no enemies murdered? To solve the mystery, police uncover a sinister plot with a tangled web of lies and a cast of cold-hearted criminals.

  • A 15-year-old girl vanishes from her home one night and the community is thrust into a manhunt to find her and whoever is responsible for her disappearance.

  • When Jerryell Foster doesn't show up for Thanksgiving dinner, her close-knit family wonders how she could disappear without a trace.

  • The quiet domestic life of longtime couple Tiffany Bailey and Deunta Grier is shattered after Tiffany suffers a devastating gunshot to the head. As police dig into the investigation, they must decide whether Tiffany was an unfortunate casualty in a deadly game or the intended target.

  • A welfare check leads to a homicide case in Lake City, Florida.

  • A close-knit family panics after a woman fails to show to work one day.

  • Mylon Lowe, a 24-year-old, is found dead in his apartment; clues point in a multitude of disturbing directions.

  • A woman is gunned down while sitting in a car with her boyfriend and police question if there's more to their romance than meets the eye.

  • After 23-year-old Trudie Hall vanishes, scandals simmer to the surface, leading to multiple theories about what really happened to her.

  • Ardena Carter's life resembles a fairy tale, but when she vanishes, the community must band together and find her before they lose her forever.

  • When a couple disappears from their hotel room, detectives find hidden deceit and malevolence that will end in a tragic investigation.

  • In the Season 7 premiere, a pastor is gunned down and detectives unearth bloody secrets that go back two decades.