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This docuseries follows a top-level hip hop majorette dance group as it tries to be the best in the country. As you might expect, such a high-stakes competition brings with it lots of drama, and the team's coach has to help the girls get through all of it. The series debuted on Lifetime in 2014.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on Lifetime
5 Seasons, 123 Episodes
March 5, 2014
Cast: Faith Simone
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Bring It! Full Episode Guide

  • A closer look at the dance battles in Lifetime's hit series "Bring It!"

  • A closer-look at the dance battles in Lifetime's hit series "Bring It!"

  • It's a senior showdown as Coach D gives four graduating vets a chance to choreograph a trio, and the winner's routine will represent the team in a national competition.

  • The Dolls go down like dominoes as they prepare for their first stand battle of the season with both boys and girls competing.

  • Major changes hit the Dollhouse as Camryn steps down as captain, and Makya and Crystianna step up to lead.

  • The struggle is real when the Dancing Dolls launch a fierce agenda to win the seniors' final Battle Royale.

  • Dianna travels to the Birmingham Dollhouse to coach the Baby Dolls for their first huge competition and finds complete chaos when they can't pull off their choreography; and Dianna leaves Kayla in charge to coach the Jackson Dolls and help her narrow the final three picks for the captain's position down to two.

  • All bets are off as the girls face off against their foe, Black Ice, in a grudge match, but when the team's secret weapon backfires, the Dolls are left without a plan of attack; and later, an emergency situation sends the competition into chaos.

  • The Dolls are bouncing off-the-walls to prepare for a special stand battle that includes props; Coach D fears the routine will fail when the dancers struggle to catch onto the choreography; and former DDP, Rittany, returns as her sister, Valisa, lashes out at Coach D's decisions.

  • Coach D creates a female empowerment routine that she believes will rock the dance floor. But when she gets carried away, her routine quickly spirals into a 28-minute dance marathon that exhausts the team and her lead Dancing Doll. Will the dancers overcome fatigue and confusion on the floor, or will the routine crash and burn? Meanwhile, a few paranoid DDPs suspect Jaylene is being secretly groomed for the captain position and investigate.

  • The Dolls face off against their biggest foes, The Prancing Tigerettes and Divas of Olive Branch, in a heated Stands in Stands battle with a live band. Dianna finally takes Crystianna off probation and puts her to the test leading floor stands, but Crystianna fails to impress during practice. Meanwhile, a desperate Selena enlists the help of the DDP to convince Dianna to let her and the twins back in the Dollhouse.

  • The three suspended potential captains have only week left to earn their way back into Coach D's good graces.

  • Coach D decides to put the B-Squad on the frontline for Stand Battle this week. Will a potential new captain be able to get the girls in shape, or will the B-Squad crumble under pressure?

  • Coach D organizes a show-stopping competition to raise money for dance teams who lost their studios in Hurricane Harvey. Both friends and foes battle it out in competition for a cause. Meanwhile, tensions rise between two new DDP who can't seem to put aside their differences.

  • The Dancing Dolls are preparing for an epic school-spirit competition, but the practices are interrupted when a texting scandal rocks the team. Coach D's punishment for the Dolls involved puts several of the potential captains' futures on the line.

  • Selena deals with a twin dilemma when she tries to make one twin follow her sister's path; and the Dollhouse takes sibling rivalry to the next level when the "captain nominee" must stand off against her sister, who just happens to be the captain of Jackson's hometown enemy, the Purple Diamonds.

  • Coach D begins a new dance season with the ultimate quest to find the Dancing Dolls' next captain.

  • Join Coach D, and some of your favorite Dancing Dolls and DDP's for a pre-game party to celebrate the new season of Bring It!

  • In the Season 5 opener, Coach D tries to find the Dancing Dolls' next captain. Also, a new dancer and DDP shakes up the team after moving from New York City to Jackson and introducing some high-maintenance demands.

  • It's GAME TIME in the Dollhouse! After months of intense training Coach D and the Dancing Dolls will head to Philadelphia for an epic competition with a multitude of dance genres.

  • Coach D enlists celebrity choreographers to train, audition, and select five girls for the National Competition in Philadelphia; and a nervous Kayla scrambles to prepare her newly formed dance team for their first hip-hop competition that could make or break her dreams to be a dance coach.

  • In the last creative dance competition of the season, Dianna takes a big risk placing untried girls front and center in an elaborate "around the world" creative routine.

  • Dianna has a surprise - the DDPs will be a mandatory part of Stand Battle.

  • Coach D's frustration with the Dancing Dolls' lackluster attitudes results in her dramatic departure from the Dollhouse days before a major competition; Rittany decides to pursue an unconventional way to start a family.

  • Dianna announces that she will be taking only 5 Dancing Dolls at the end of the dance season to a National Competition. Rittany, conjures up a "down low" plan with Dana to throw a slumber party that seconds as a dancing workshop

  • Coach D, the Dancing Dolls, and the DDP answer viewer questions, show sneak peaks of the season, and celebrate fans who are heroes in their communities. Later, DDP share holidays hacks, and Coach D determines if the Dancing Dolls are naughty or nice.

  • Broadway singer and international star, Todrick Hall, surprises the Dolls with an "Oz" inspired choreography challenge that pits Dolls against Dolls. When the competition heats up, tears are shed, and tempers flare in effort to win the performance opportunity of a lifetime.

  • After defecting to Divas of Olive Branch, a regretful Rittany tries to woo Coach D into letting Crystianna back on the team. Will Dianna take her co-captain back or will she exile Rittany for good? Meanwhile, the Dancing Dolls prepare for an epic stand battle against Neva-the-Diva, and both teams are pulling out ALL the "punches".

  • When a Dollhouse heavy-hitter gets injured, a new DDP tries to sweet talk her way up the Dollhouse ladder. Rittany questions her decision to defect from the team. Also, when Dianna puts the heat on her new Baby Doll team, a Baby Mama mutiny erupts.

  • As a new dance season begins, Coach D shakes up everything familiar in the Dollhouse. The DDPs get a rude awakening when they find out their antics have them permanently exiled from the viewing room; new faces cause a commotion in the Dollhouse; and Chrystianna stirs up trouble in enemy territory.

  • Dianna concocts a Willy Wonka-inspired creative routine for the Battle Royale. Meanwhile, Kayla struggles with her dance career outside the Dollhouse; and Rittany reaches a breaking point.

  • With Battle Royale just around the corner, Coach D holds auditions for a solo role that Rittany's gunning for Crystianna to get. Later, Coach D makes cuts to organize a battle squad, but first the Dolls must get through a battle against two of their biggest nemeses, Sharon and the Southern Royalettes and Neva and her Divas of Olive Branch.

  • The Broadway Dance Center asks Jackson to pick one Dancing Doll for their summer intensive scholarship; Kayla and some of the girls perform a no-rules, underground, freestyle hip-hop competition.

  • When the Dancing Dolls are going up against their hometown rivals, the Purple Diamonds, Coach D makes a Beyoncé-inspired routine that will have the girls performing in a pool; Kayla second guesses her future after a bad audition in Los Angeles.

  • The Dolls compete in a grudge match against Compton while one doll gets a dream offer. Later, Demi Lovato surprises the girls.

  • The Dancing Dolls discover Coach D swapped studios with Tyrus, the coach of the Elite Stars. Later, he decides to bench Coach D's pros and takes a risk on fresh blood.

  • The Dancing Dolls compete against the Prancing Tigerettes. Later, Coach D is a little too eager with a futuristic robot-creative routine and a new category called tag team.

  • Black Ice is back and Miss D is putting on the pressure. Meanwhile, Crystianna and Makylah find themselves tested when they have to choreograph a routine for a co-captain's battle; and Rittany throws herself a roaring '20s-themed birthday bash that's full of surprises.

  • Coach D shakes things up at this week's stand battle.

  • Dianna heads to Birmingham to get her new dancers ready for a scrimmage against the Jackson, Miss., team. Later, Kayla steps up at home; and Torrey takes matters into his own hands at the Jackson studio.

  • The Dolls use props in their performance; Faith and Daija learn a ballet routine taught by Torrey. Later, Faith has a case of FOMO due to her busy schedule.

  • Dianna unexpectedly hires a new ballet coach, leading Tina to believe the new guy will replace Kayla. Later, Kayla searches for a studio to teach hip-hop classes; and the dancers struggle to master new lyrical skills in time for a freestyle competition.

  • Coach D has a big surprise in store for the Dolls - twelve girls have been chosen to go on a field trip to New York City! Unfortunately, it will be strictly business.

  • It is imperative to Coach D that the Dancing Dolls slay the competition; the dancers get a crash course in "New Orleans bounce''; some of the girls attend Beyonce's concert; the parents get a rare night out.

  • The Dancing Dolls perform a boxing-themed routine against Black Ice; Selena experiences her first ride along to become a bounty hunter; Kayla gets Camryn, Crystianna and Makyla ready for their first Captain's Battle.

  • In the fourth season premiere, Coach D takes on her rival Neva in a New Orleans dance battle; the battle squad gets new members; the DDP welcome a new member to the viewing room.

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